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Servo Stabilizer

We are leading manufacture of 1KVA to 1000KVA Servo Stabilizer Single phase & Three Phase.

  • It is commonly observed that, AC main supply is never 230 Volt or 415 Volt, but varies from 150 Volt - 300 volt and 300 Volt - 500 Volt.
  • The difficulties caused by them are well known, such as Over Load Condition, Line Losses, Poor Power Factor and several other reasons.
  • Generally constant voltage which is required to load is never constant, but in fluctuation manner to Control the Voltage fluctuations Servo Stabilizer are being used.

Isolation Transformers

Features and Benefits
  • Isolation transformers are constructed with high insulating materials and special shielding techniques. The use of high insulating materials and special shielding techniques results in lessening common mode and transverse mode noise
  • The core and its magnetic properties are appropriately selected to deliver sufficient leakage inductance. This will give the greatest reduction of normal mode power line noise possible, reliable with the transfer of fundamental power frequency, while all higher frequencies are gridlocked.
  • Designed with split winding constructions and bifilar connections to cut overall capacitance of the winding.
  • Due to the better regulation, it does not generate common mode impedance coupling effect Protect against strong lightening, impulse noise, bus short-circuit, accidental discharge of capacitors, etc.
  • Protects the Micro-processor based machines and paraphernalia from damage due to electrical noise, spikes etc.


We have all range of batteries each application from 7AH to 230AH based on SMF,
Lead acid battery to use inverter, lift inverter, online ups and other various places.
Features and Benefits
  • Longer Life-low life cycle cost. Trouble free performance-higher reliability.
  • Low maintenance cost. High power at different rates of discharge. Low self-discharge.
  • Ideal for cycle & float applications. Safe to use. Suitable for deep discharge applications.
  • For constant potential charging higher rates are permissible for maximum charger setting of 2.40 volts per cell.
  • Tolerant to high temperature applications

Home and Lift Inverters

Electricity is the rudimentary human necessity to live a decent life and run business appropriately. Inverters can run all powerful Machines.
When power fails, inverter provides electricity from the battery, resulting 24*7 continual power from inverter in your industries, homes and offices.

Features and Benefits
  • Specially designed to take heavy surge producing load.
  • Low initial investment. Long Life.
  • Single Phase / Three Phase; Voltage and Frequency - 230 AC/415 AC ±5% & 50Hz ±5%
  • Approved by many Dental chain and compressor manufacturers. Used for Hospital machines.
  • Product that reduces your risk & increases productivity. Reduces your overall cost.


Online UPS

Online UPS is an Uninterruptible power supply integrating Double Conversion Technology.
True benefit of our Online UPS is capability to deliver an electric firewall between the incoming utility power and your complex electronic equipment.

Features and Benefits
  • Ambient storage temperature: -20¢XC to 40¢XC with batteries and -25¢XC to 55¢XC without batteries. `Ambient service temperature Power electronics part: 0 to 40„aC, Battery part: 5 to 25 C
  • Galvanic isolation transformer: protects your load from input surge, spike, and fluctuations. Isolates load from power problems.
  • Active power factor correction (PFC) system saves up to 25% in electricity bills. Lasts long with minimal maintenance.
  • High quality components. IS0 9001 Certified company
  • LCD Display with all parameters. IGBT Based Technology for more efficiency

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